Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleep Disorder: Sleepwalking

Have you encounter person walking while sleeping? Or you are one of them that walk when sleeping. This is a sleep disorder called sleepwalking or somnambulism it is characterized by motor activities such as leaving the bed, walking, urinating, eating, or going outside the house. It commonly occurs in children and adolescents while asleep. The cause is unknown but there is often a hereditary tendency.
Waking a sleepwalker can be difficult because sometimes display an aggressive and violent behavior.
Night terror or pavor nocturnas, usually happens in young children during the first several hours after sleep. The child suddenly screams or exhibits nervous manifestations like palpitations, sweating, and rapid breathing. A child experiencing night terror is difficult to arouse and oftentimes does not remember the dream. Because the experience is self-limiting, this should not be a cause for anxiety.
The mind usually retains what it has seen or experienced during waking hours. Thus, the subconscious can often express a reaction to such experience through dreams. If your child have this sleep disorder it is best not to let your child watch violent or scary television programs and computer games.
It is better to let your child read character-building stories, bible stories and informative books and magazines. It is the best and safest ways to keep his or her thoughts pure.

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