Thursday, May 31, 2012

Suffering from HERPES SIMPLEX

Herpes simplex is sore on the lips, which looked like a bite of an ant. It is itchy and a bit painful, but later it just went away but this problem is a recurrent one.
The sore from the lip sore due to herpes simplex virus infection, also called fever blister or cold sores. Herpes simplex is characterized by an acute eruption of grouped vesicles that are red, at the angle of the mouth or the junction between the lips and the skin above the lips. It usually starts as a burning pain and itchiness, followed by the lesions as described.
The lesions usually last for about a week even without treatment. The fluid inside the vesicle is clear, but it may appear thick and yellowish. After a few days, the vesicle ruptures and flaky crusting occurs. Underneath this crust is the new skin formation.
It is possible that the sores can recur because of a dormant viral infection. Sometimes stress or a lowered resistance can also make them recur. With newer antiviral medications, there is possibility that with adequate dosage and days of treatment, the sores may be completely eradicated. If there is another infection, it would be best that see a dermatologist for prescription of complete dosage of antiviral medication.
Sometimes there are cases where the first eruption is accompanied by a high-grade fever and extreme burning sensation at the site of the lesion and lymph node swelling just below the mouth floor. There may also be other location of the infection such as in the nose, inside and outside. It can also occur at the cheeks, tongue, throat, or esophagus.
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