Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Allergy from Allergens

People who suffer allergy know what distress means when their particular sensitivities begin to act up. Susceptible individuals risk developing rashes and itches, sneezing, loose bowel movements, headaches and asthma.
We know Allergy as “altered response”, an abnormal physical reaction to certain substances or conditions which are harmless to others. Substances or conditions which cause the reaction are called allergens. Common allergens are food (strawberries, milk, eggs and sea foods), objects (pollen, dust, insect bites and stings, metal and powder) and drugs (penicillin, aspirin and barbiturates). Nervous strain, sunlight, and certain individuals cause abnormal reaction in some people too.
How do allergies develop? How do we get them? Doctors say that allergies run in families. Migraine sufferers almost always have parent who are/were migraine sufferers too. Asthma, too, is always passed on to one or more children by either parent.
You can discover the allergen by means of the elimination-diet method and through skin tests. If you’re allergic reaction is chiefly diarrhea, you should suspect food as your allergen. What did you eat that could have caused the reaction? The offending food can easily be isolated and then avoided. If the substance is hidden or only one of the ingredients or only one of the many new foods you just ate caused your allergy you have to repeat eating these foods one by one and observe your reaction to each of them.
Skin tests can be a few to a hundred, wherein extracts of the suspected allergens are scratched and injected into the skin. When redness or a swelling develops, the allergen is discovered.
The best and simplest way of dealing with allergy is to avoid the allergen as far and as are as you can. Prevention is certainly easier and more effective than cure if you retain this in your conscious memory.
Immunization is also an effective way of warding allergy off. It involved the process called desensitization wherein very small amounts of the offending substance is injected into you at frequent intervals in order to effect an immunity to it.
Taking antihistamines is one way of getting relief from allergic attacks. Antihistamines are drugs which neutralize histamines which the body produces in reaction to certain conditions. It is these body substance that affect the walls of blood vessels and other tissues and bring on the headache, diarrhea, fever or hives.
Nervous or emotional allergy is an altogether different sort. One may develop allergic reactions towards an examination. Another develops his reactions during a date, while a third, when facing a person that evokes unpleasant memory or anxiety. Even excitement can lead to an allergic reaction. This type cannot be managed by diet elimination or skin tests because it involves the mind. A psychologist or psychiatrist is the professional to consult regarding this matter.
You are in trouble when your allergens are feely-occurring substance in the atmosphere which you cannot eliminate or avoid-like dust and the sun’s heat. You can try staying in dust-proof air-conditioned rooms, but eventually, you will have to come out and encounter dust. If sunlight is your problem, getting under the shade or using an umbrella can give you ample protection but just like the dust, you will not be able to guard against your offender all the time.
And if you are allergic to any situation of anxiety, the wisest move is to attack your anxiety directly. There is no other know and effective cure than this.
More and better medications and drugs are being developed in response to more complicated conditions of allergy. For instance, there are tablets that you need to take only a day to avert any possible allergic reactions from any allergen. It can also be of benefit to consider the possibility of an emotional basis o ever one of your allergies. What to stop doing? Reassess your life style and plug all holes, alter all wrong habits an thoughts for a thorough, overall adjustment and reinforcement against seen and unseen allergens within and without.

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