Monday, May 28, 2012

Medicines for Hypertension and their Side Effects

There are general classes of medications used for hypertension:
  1. Beta-blocker - can slow down heartbeats
  2. Diuretics - will cause frequent urination
  3. Calcium Antagonist - may cause headaches, palpitations or edema (leg swelling)
  4. Angiotension Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitor - can cause coughing.
An untoward side effect of some of these, particularly the beta-blockers and calcium antagonist is erectile dysfunction.
It is important that before you take medicines for hypertension it is prescribed by a doctor because the doctor knows what drugs that best suit to a particular patient. It is also important that there should be a constant consultation to a doctor and the patient is required to report any unusual signs and symptoms they experience while taking the medications.
The beta-blocker is one of the first line treatment for hypertension. It is considered safe and one of the cheapest in the market.
A regular follow-up with your doctor is very important for proper dosage adjustment based on your blood pressure response.

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