Sunday, May 27, 2012

You need to Know about Syphilis

SYPHILIS is not widely known in the Philippines. It seems new kind of disease but it has been here for long time.
What you need to know about Syphilis? SYPHILIS is caused by a germ called the Treponema pallidum. It is usually acquired by sexual intercourse. However, on rare occasions, it may be picked up by other means as well. The most tragic form is congenital syphilis where the infection is passed to a developing infant.
To start with, primary syphilis shows up anywhere from one to eight weeks after contact with an infected partner. This is generally through sexual intercourse.
It is characterized by a small sore called a chancre, usually about the genital region example on the penis in males, about the vulva in females. In females it may be unnoticed, being deep inside the vaginal tract. The glands nearby tend to swell and may be tender.
At this stage, it is possible to make an accurate diagnosis. Material expressed from the sores and examined by a special method called dark field examination (making use of a special microscope) will often show the germ T. pallidum. It has the appearance of a madly wriggling corkscrew-shaped organism. Several such tests may be required in order to obtain positive results.
Other tests called quantitative complement fixation tests and flocculation tests (using blood samples) will progressively turn positive if the infection is syphilitic.
Then secondary syphilis occurs. The primary chancre (sore) will clear up. Indeed, many old-time claims of cure were fallacious because the lesion is destined to disappear whether or not treatment is given at this stage.
The secondary form is obvious and may be very widespread. It generally starts two or three weeks after the appearance of the primary sore. Usually there is a generalize swelling of the lymph glands in many parts of the body. A skin eruption may occur over any part, or all, of the body. The outstanding feature about this is the lack of itch that accompanies it. Most simple dermatitis skin rashes are infuriatingly irritable. Syphilis rash is not.
There may be an inflammation reaction of the nose and upper air passageways, sore eyes, and maybe painful joints. Once more the telltale tests will show the germ in the skin eruptions. Blood tests may also indicate positive.
Effective treatment for syphilis is prompt with medical supervision and adequate treatment yield good results. The patient must continue with therapy until cured. Penicillin, despite the fact that it has been around for so many years, is still regarded as the drug of choice. But other antibiotics are often used as well. If there is any suggestion of syphilitic infection, it is absolutely imperative that immediate, efficient medical advice be sought. The best place is any of the government-run clinics, where specialized attention is freely available.
Remember these; syphilis is an entirely preventable disease. By adhering to a high moral standard, you are guaranteed not to contract it. But live loosely, sleep around, and carry on with a wide range of people of questionable morals, and you could be headed for big trouble, both in the short term, and possibly in the long term.
Sex is for after marriage. By staying with one partner, you will have no problems after the wedding vows have been exchanged.

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