Thursday, August 1, 2013

Medicinal usage of Malunggay

For CONSTIPATION. At supper time, eat one or two cups of cooked malunggay fruit or leaves, followed with water. Fiber-packed malunggay helps easier passing of stool. Too much fiber, however, when taken without fluids, can aggravate rather than alleviate constipation. so drink lots of water to flush fiber down.

For SCABIES. After bathing, apply juice of freshly pound malunggay leaves on the affected skin two times daily. Malunggay has vitamin A for skin disorder.

As WOUND WASH. Crush fresh malunggay leaves enough to apply as poultice on superficial wound to control bleeding.  The vitamin K in malunggay increases normal blood clotting.

For JOINT PAIN. Pulverize one cup of roasted malunggay seeds. Add a few drops of coconut oil to make an ointment. Apply ointment on the affected area before bedtime or in times of pain. Malunggay seeds contain 40 percent oil which is considered excellent massage oil.

For BREAST MILK STIMULANT. Boil young malunggay leaves. Drink the broth as tea or make soup out of the boiled mixture.

As WATER PURIFIER. Harvest dry seed pods. Remove seed husks. Pulverize whitish kernel. Dilute powder with water then strain on cloth. Pour resulting milky fluid to water. Stir water briskly for 30 seconds, then slowly and regularly for five minutes. Cover water and set aside. After an hour, you will have a clear and purified water. About 50-150 mg of ground malunggay seeds treat one liter of water, depending on water clearness.

     This article is based from Health & Home September-October 2009.

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