Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Healthy Life with Simple Steps

One of the major factors that you can obtain a healthy life is exercise. A new study suggests the best strategy is to get into it right away rather than thinking about it first, in short “Don’t think it, just do it”. According to the people who were physically active on a regular basis was to begin exercising rather than talking to themselves about it first, because self talk was either negative or positive. And it affects your motivation to do exercise.
When we talk about exercise, some people think it is expensive or need to go to gym. It is wrong because there are exercises that we did everyday but we don’t notice it. Walking: is a form of exercise. A recent study has looked at what would happen to overweight, in active people if they accumulated 10,000 steps daily for eight weeks. The result was astounding including lowered blood pressure and improved glucose tolerance. Improved glucose tolerance reduces the need for insulin, which helps prevent fat storage term and diabetes long term.
It’s a challenge to reach the 10,000 steps but small changes to your routine make a big difference. Here are tips so that you can accumulate the 10,000 steps. Include movement in your day such as standing while taking on the phone, using the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, or by walking to the next office rather than e-mailing, or going for a short walk on your break.
Remember, if you have been inactive for some time, build up your number of steps gradually. It may be worth if you start exercise now, before your doctor say that you need to exercise.

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