Tuesday, June 5, 2012

WARNING: Taking Drugs without Prescription

Today, many people take medicines without the doctor's prescription. They buy over the counter medicines for every simple problems that can be solved by lifestyle measure.
Did you know that if our body feel pain it is a warning to us that there something wrong in our body. Its because we eat too much, or drinking too much, or smoking too much or work too much. But what we practice if , if we feel something wrong we run to the pharmacy and buy medicines or in the medicines cabinet and take medicines for slightest ache or pain. Do you know what we did? We only blocked the pain and ignore the causes rather than changing the behavior that causes the pain. This kind of practice sets the stage for more serious diseases.
A good way is to reserve drugs for specific, identifiable needs that can't be met by lesser measures. You make taking drugs is your second choice. For an instance, you can't get to sleep don't take sleeping fill, try a warm bath or a cup of herb tea. And if you don't want to go to sleep, a cold shower or a brisk walk is better than a wake-up pill or cup of coffee.
Remember this, when you take a drug, be sure you know exactly what it's supposed to do. Understand its risk and side effects, now and when to take it and the signs of over dosage.
But the most important that you should always remember that  "Prevention is better than cure".

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